Iridescence Triton Tank Starter Kit
The Iridescence Triton Tank Starter Kit has a wonderful metallic sheen that reflects various color schemes depending on the angle you are viewing it. Hints of purple, green, blue and yellow can be recognized, making this starter tank match any wardrobe or preference. Halo tank kits will not be matched in e-cigarette vapour production. Larger the battery, longer the vaping time and thicker the vapour production

Add US to AU Switch Adapter - not Halo Product (Optional)

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Name : George
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Review : Great kit got in couple of days. Beautiful color batteries

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My tritin ecig battery is flashing when i try to smoke. No smoke coming out, battery is full charged. Pls help.

Please make sure that the triton coil is not too tight or too loose. Flashing triton battery is normally due to low charge, but it can occur due to coil being too tight or too loose. This should normally solve the battery flashing issue. But remember that if the coil is damaged or worn out due to use, it might do the same thing or even shut the battery. Please get new triton replacement coil. If the battery doest start with the new coil, just plug it in charge and the battery should activate. Issue of no smoke in Halo triton can due to the abovementioned coil issue. If the eliquid get into the triton battery, vapour production will stop. Users are suggested to check and clean the battery tip if the liquid has reached the battery which can happen due to loose coil and over-filling. Hope this answers the question and resolves the issue

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